Semblance is the company that represents the combined designs of Benno Schmidt and Jacob Boyd. Jacob and Benno met in 2021 in Carleton University’s Industrial Design program, which they are graduating from in May 2024.  The two created the breeze block speaker as part of a university studio course in Fall 2023, the positive outcomes of that partnership inspired the friends to form Semblance.

We aim to mimic human qualities in our products by making pieces that utilise humour, prompt contemplation, and juxtapose seemingly disparate concepts. We are also inspired by the inorganic, as we aim to create items that remain in use.

We recognize that our concrete breeze block speakers are made from one of the leading contributors of CO₂ emissions. In the future we are looking for less harmful forms of cement that fit our criteria for a durable long-lasting product. Currently, we attempt to mitigate environmental harm by selecting proven components that are likely to still be available in the case of eventual replacement, designing for repairability, and avoiding unnecessary waste.

jacob boyd

Jacob Boyd is from Vancouver, BC and is studying towards a bachelors in industrial design with a minor in business at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. Themes currently related to his work are the merit of technology in design and referencial ideation. Jacob is fascinated by all applications of industrial design but is currently focused on homegoods and electronics. Previous work experience of Jacob’s includes an internship at Calen Knauf Studio.

benno schmidt

Studying Industrial Design with a minor in Psychology, Benno is specifically interested in technical design problem solving, where concepts are executed through advanced modelling, fabrication, and visualization. German-born and Canadian-raised, he has worked across North American and European design studios, experienced in bringing products to market within these contexts. Benno's enthusiastic personality makes him eager to embrace new challenges.

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